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• 5/3/2016

Character creation thread

This is a thread wherein we create new characters for Inner Bruise. You can introduce your character and what role s/he will have in the story here. That way the scene-writers in Inner Bruise will have something to go on when they write the character in their scenes. E.g. "Henry Lamar Nesbitt is a 51-year-old doctor with red hair, brown eyes and a neckbeard. He specializes in diseases of the upper respiratory system. Dr. Nesbitt was born in Scotland. He always has a quick joke for you, and loves punching people in the side. He does yoga, writes haikus, and plays the glockenspiel. His favorite band is Doran Duran. Dr. Nesbitt is a 7w8 on the Enneagram, and an ISTP as per Myers-Briggs. Henry Nesbitt is married to a woman named Paula Stirmer and has five children by her. In the story, Dr. Nesbitt reviews Steve's medical records . . .", etc.

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• 5/7/2016

For Inner Bruise, I'd like to create a character inspired by Savegraduation.

Jim Musiclover

Jim Musiclover is the 17-year-old lead singer of the band Purple Kohlrabi. Jim is a skinny boy with a brown mop, blue eyes, and freckles. On his albums he is shown wearing vinyl pants and a white t-shirt, while at his concerts he wears vinyl pants and a white dress shirt. When Jim was 7 years old, his brother Matt accidentally blinded him in the left eye with a dart. Rather than using a seeing prosthetic eye like John has, Jim wears a glass eye for aesthetic reasons.

Jim was born James Samuel Wordsworth, but he got his name legally changed to Jim Musiclover after he became a rock star.

Jim is highly intelligent, but not shy or nerdy. He has an angsty drone to his voice. He remembers most things in his life started from when he was about 6 years old, and due to his very good memory, remembers everyone he has met at his concerts. On the enneagram, Jim is a 4w3.

When he's not performing or writing songs, Jim enjoys going to coffeeshops, trying new foods, shopping, smoking weed, visiting Internet forums, hanging with his friends, and sleeping in his boxer shorts crashed out on his bed. Jim also listens to other artists' music himself, and has an extensive collection on his iPod. Jim gets bored by video games and people talking about football.

Jim is bisexual, and is averse to the idea of having children because he views parenthood as something straight people do. He is free right now, but the last person he was seeing was his ex-girlfriend Kate Madison, a girl with a blonde ponytail whom nobody had heard of before she started dating Jim Musiclover (in other words, a non-celebrity).

At the beginning of every concert, Jim begins by saying, "Hi, I'm Jim Musiclover". His singing voice is beautiful, but sounds somewhat trippily distorted. Like Paolo Nutini, Jim keeps his eyes closed the whole time he's singing, partly so he can concentrate on the songs, partly so people won't see his glass eye, and partly so his glass eye doesn't fall out. In Inner Bruise, Jim holds a benefit concert for Steve, as Steve and some of his friends are Purple Kohlrabi fans.

One of the doctors on the inner-body travel team was the doctor who operated on Jim to remove his blinded eye. 10 years later, she's doing cool, cutting-edge stuff, and knowing him, has connections.

• 5/13/2016


I like him, Natalie! (For obvious reasons.)

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