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• 7/28/2016

Creating the medical team

Welcome, all of you, to the Inner Bruise Wikia!  Have a look around at what the collaborative ring at 4K has come up with so far! So what do we do now at this point?

The next installment (which one of us will write) will introduce the team of doctors who hear about Steve's case and ultimately decide to try inner-body travel out and go inside Steve's body. We should have a diverse team of 4-6 somatonauts (inner-body travel doctors). They should have specialized knowledge about medicine, inner-body travel, DZD, the physics of size change, etc. We decided, back when we discussed this, to use the Fantastic Voyage method to achieve inner-body travel.

What will each doctor's name be (first and last)? I recommend as a good site to find long lists of first and last names for many ethnic groups.

What will each doctor's credentials and area of expertise be? What will they look like (hair/eye color, body type, hairstyle, glasses, piercings, tattoos, etc.)? How old will each doctor be? What will each one's personality be like? Will any of them have a mental disorder or even a physical disability? What will their political and religious views be? What's the life story of each doctor? And finally, what are the sociogrammatic relationships among the different somatonauts?

Let's brainstorm. Feel free to come up with a somatonaut character!

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• 7/28/2016

More on names. I'd like to avoid the following kinds of surnames for the medical team:

1. Telling names: Dr. Homo for a gay doctor, or naming your rocket scientist Prof. Smart.

2. Overuse of the most common surnames (i.e. naming one somatonaut Dr. Smith, another Dr. Jones, and a third Dr. Brown).

3. Names made up to sound stereotypically science-fictiony: Zargon, Gleezquax, Xoogle, etc.

4. Names that have already been used for fictional doctors or nurses in OTHER people's fiction. Don't name a somatonaut Dr. Hibbert, or Dr. Welby, or Dr. House, or Dr. Quatermaine.

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