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• 10/30/2016

Elections and presidents between 2028 and now

In Inner Bruise, it says LeGrand is running for reelection in 2028 and first ran in 2024. It also said he was vice-president in 2020.

But for LeGrand to be vice-president in 2020 and president in 2024, he would have run as VP in 2016. Yet it's 2016 now, and the VP will be either Mike Pence or Tim Kaine, not Rutherford LeGrand. Do you think we should rethink the history that got us from the present to 2028? And there certainly won't be a "President Zuniga" if Hillary or the Donald serves two terms before LeGrand.

Wondering what to do...

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• 10/31/2016

Excellent point! I'm thinking we could have history branch off at the 2016 Election. Donald Trump would win, and then he'd have his evil Trump regime.

Then, while Trump is in office, an army of leftist Americans besieges the White House and overthrows the U.S. government. They announce themselves the new regime, and appoint one "Brandon Zuniga" their president. It would be then they'd have all their reforms, like lowering the voting age to 16 and legalizing marijuana everywhere. There'd be stronger environmental protections under their regime, and we'd be weaned off of oil at long last. Their party would be called the Revolution Party (or "Revvies").

The two parties would now be the Revvies and the GOP. LeGrand could become president in 2024, after Zuniga decides to step down for a two-party election and the Republicans win the election. (But who would vote for Repubs rather than Revvies?)

• 11/1/2016

Hey, I like it! I'd vote for the Revolution Party in a heartbeat.

But how does Trump win? Nate Silver says Hillary's winning. Tell me more about how Trump wins in 2016.

(Yes, I agree that we may have to "branch off" timelines. 2028 is approaching faster than I thought it would.)

• 11/6/2016

Well, here are my thoughts. On November 8, 2016, the Bernie Sanders supporters and all the other voters who can't stand an Establishment candidate like Hillary, especially Millennials, will largely stay home, and many will vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. This spoils the vote in Trump's favor. Donald John Trump is now president-elect.

On January 20, 2017, Trump takes office amid protests. He begins making threats to nuke other countries, and most young Americans are convinced that democracy is broken.

Over the next several days, radical Americans plot an overthrow of the White House together through email, fora, letters, and Anonymous (the Internet site). Then, thousands of Americans storm the White House and oust Donald Trump and all of Congress, making a new oligarchic, non-elected government and appointing a twentysomething Millennial boy named Brandon Zuniga as the new president. Zuniga lowers the voting age, age of majority and age of emancipation to 16, makes parental tyranny a crime, legalizes marijuana everywhere, legalizes hard drugs, scraps "disorderly conduct" laws and other blanket crimes, institutes jury reform, imposes new environmental protection, taxes the hell out of corporations, reforms intellectual property law, repeals the Eighth Amendment and Constitutional ban on ex post facto laws, and arrests, tries, convicts and executes thousands of police officers from the old regime. He calls for scientific investigation into life-o-suction, and it is invented before his second term is over.

This could be a novel in itself . . .

• 11/12/2016

Trump wins!

We can keep the timeline (for now).

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