Demographics. Is the birth rate higher than the death rate? What is the birth rate? What is the death rate? What is the life expectancy? What birthyear range covers most people living in America at present? How many children, teens, collegians, young adults, middle-aged people and elderly are there? Where are the current wave of immigrants coming from? What is the ethnic makeup of America? Are the young more diverse than middle-aged or elderly people? What states have the highest populations? What are the different generations alive at the time, what are they like, and what are they called? How many people are there in the country in which the story takes place? How many on Earth? Has humanity spread to the Moon or to other planets?

The Fifth World Generation (born 2005-2025) is a free, resourceful generation of young people. Older generations include Millennials, Xers, Jonesers, Boomers, Silents, Greatests and the last few surviving Interbellumers

There is a baby boom at the time.

EthniCode (such as AJ for Japanese or CK for Kurdish) is used to classify ethnicity at institutions like hospitals.