Ecology. What species have gone extinct since 2014? What are the endangered species of the day? Which now-endangered animals and plants have made a recovery? Have the rain-forests all been cut down? Has pollution been cut? Which governments coöperate with environmental restrictions and which don’t? What new species have been discovered? Has a new virus or other microörganism threatened people and animals? Have greenhouse gasses been reduced? What is the average global temperature for summers and winters? Has the hole in the ozone layer grown or shrunk since today? Do Westerners still eat a lot of red meat, or is there a new set of farmed animals, such as shrimp, that is more popular? Is in vitro meat popular? How many people are vegetarians? Is it possible to feed all of humanity? Are there legal restrictions on genetically modified food? Is the sky still grey and smoggy? Has humanity settled other planets? Are cars more eco-friendly? Do people still use plastic bags? Plastic silverware? Do countries still rely on fossil fuels and oil-drilling? Has Earth transformed into a Type I civilization, or even Type II or Type III?

The sky has a grey tinge to it due to past ecocide, but people are living green lifestyles now.