• Education. How many Americans are currently enrolled in grade school? In high school? In postsecondary education? How many kappatwelvers (K-12 students) are in public school, private school, parochial school, home-schooled, unschooled? How many high-schoolers drop out of high school? How long do children and youth stay in school? What subjects are taught? What subjects are college students most likely to pursue a degree in? What is the average test score on the SAT or whatever standardized test is being used at the time? How has pedagogy been changed since the present? (The teaching of math? The teaching of science? The teaching of literature? The teaching of social studies?) How is college paid for? Have they found a way to rein in stratospheric college tuition costs? Is it easy for middle-class, working-class or lower-class kids to attend college? Do kids use a series of self-teaching modules instead of going to school? If there are still schools as we know them, is the structure authoritarian or liberal and democratic? Are corruption, lying and cheating of students common among K-12 teachers and administrators?

The education timeline for a kid looks like this:

  • Grades K thru 5 (age 5-11): elementary school
  • Grades 6 thru 9 (age 11-15): lyceum
  • Grades 10 thru 13 (age 15-19): college/university