Knowledge. What new planets and moons have been discovered? Have we made official contact with extraterrestrial sapients, or at least found extraterrestrial life? If so, what species of aliens have we learned about? Has the multiverse theory been proven or refuted? Have we answered the question as to how many dimensions there are? Has our model of the universe become complete? What do we know about our past as Terrans that we don’t know today? Have we found all the missing links and confirmed the lineages of humanity from beginning to Holocene? Have we verified any paranormal phenomena, such as levitation or ghosts, to the satisfaction of the most scrutinous scientists? Have we proven afterlife or reincarnation to exist? Has current scientific understanding made God unnecessary? Have we reconstructed Nostratic or even Proto-World? Do we know the exact age of the universe and how the Big Bang came to be? What new chemical elements have been discovered, which if any are in the zone of stability, and have we discovered the end of the periodic table?