World powers. Is America still on top of the world? What countries are major players? Is there an axis of one ideology versus an axis of an opposing ideology? Have any second-world countries become first-world countries? Have any third-world countries become second-world or first-world? What are the most populous countries? What wars are going on between two (or among more than two) countries? Does the UN still exist? How globalized is the world? Has one-world government been achieved? Are any extraterrestrial planets or colonies now players? Has there been an apocalypse that set civilization back to the Stone Age (or at least Bronze Age)?

There is a station called GAN (Global American Network) – like C-SPAN, only with a global focus. The NKAT talks are between the U.S. and North Korea. President Ahn Soon-Yi wants to continue Communism in North Korea. North Korea, despite being Communist, is now rnaked the world’s #14 superpower. The “the charismatic, burger-loving” Park Eu-jin advanced North Korea technologically in the eleventies. There was a war in China in the eleventies that aided the breakdown of Communism in Cuba.

Ecuador is now a very liberal country filled with hedonism.